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The dictionary’s definition of a profession is “a paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification”. It is my opinion that teaching has been reduced to a paid occupation and not only that but an occupation in which anyone can just walk off any job and walk straight into. I have never heard of an unqualified lawyer accepting cases and attending court or any other pertinent matters. I have never heard of a banker going into hospitals after a year of training to treat patients a doctor. I could go on with these scenarios because they just never happen in any other professions. It is rather discomforting the way this profession is referred to in the media as well. Teachers are often seen as third class citizens because apparently they have too much holidays on their hands. They are poorly paid, poorly treated, and yet they are expected to implement societal changes.

The teaching landscape has been changed so rapidly that it now seems like everything goes. The teaching profession has been so adulterated that walking into a staffroom today would probably cause headmasters and headmistresses of the past to regurgitate their intestines. This has resulted from insufficient teacher training. Teacher training today is all about subject knowledge, therefore anyone can enter the classroom as long as they are not ‘known’ paedophiles or any other form of criminals. Then again schools are now #purposebuiltexamfactories, churning out the next generation of Oxbridge worthy candidates so subject knowledge is paramount. Forget about the child’s social, emotional, moral, spiritual and physical needs. The purpose of a school is now strictly for schooling which means education received at school. This should not be because school is the second most important unit of socialisation in any society and its role supersedes the bare minimum. Schooling should serve the function of educating children and this means give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to someone, in this case, children.

As a result of government initiatives among other factors, schools are becoming very hostile and vicious places to work. The respect has diminished and more and more teachers are coming under attack. These attacks are coming from all directions such as parents, Local Authorities, media, government and even more often by the children that they teach. Teachers are being killed, wounded and abused physically and socially. Genuine love and care for children is not the incentive for staying in teaching anymore. Good teachers are leaving and the #careerhoppers and #CVfillers are coming in causing high staff turnover and major disruption in learning.

I think that teaching is now a marginal profession, so what do you think?


Amen so let it be!!


As Paul says, “the kingdom of God is not about talk, but power.” Indeed. I am of the opinion that there is no place where the gospel becomes more practical than in matters related to power. 

I want to quickly follow that declaration with the assertion that for Paul, “the word of the cross” is the power of God. Paul knows that for many this looks like foolishness or weakness. And I think that even for many Christians, both then and now, power is defined in ways that don’t conform to the word of the cross. It doesn’t occur to us that self-giving love manifest in humility or kindness or gentleness or self-control is power, godly power. 

Instead, we think of God’s power as power over, as control. We equate sovereignty or rule with control. But this is not the way that God saves his creation. Instead, God transforms things…

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Manage By Walking Around

The U.S presidential election is imminent and, not surprisingly, politics are dominating everyone’s conversations.  Last week a work colleague and I had an on-going discussion of whether brands have political connotations.

We started with an observation about cars in the office parking lot: more Republicans own BMW’s while more Democrats own Jeeps. Cars turned into sports: Democrats prefer football while Republicans prefer baseball. We tried to find a pattern with fast food restaurants but couldn’t.

My colleague then speculated that logo color might reveal something about political leanings.  Coca-Cola, Verizon, and Oracle would all be considered Republican while Pepsi, AT&T, and SAP would be Democratic.  Chick-fil-A’s red logo seems to be consistent with their recent political controversy.

While it’s an intriguing notion, the theory didn’t stand up to a little on-line sleuthing. The neuro-insight research firm Buyology studied consumers’ non-conscious connections to brands and discovered variations by political affiliation:

Democrats Republicans

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Image: Chesley "Sully" Sullenburger

Flight 1549 pilot “Sully” Sullenberger

So many times we hear of people being saved from danger because of simple things that they had to do. We have heard of missed flights that turned out to be a final for many; we have heard about missed trains, missed buses. We usually get really annoyed when these things happen but sometimes they happen for our own benefits. Take a look at these pictures and let me know what are your thoughts. click here Read the rest of this entry »

The US 2012 Election has proven to be a real drama for the watchful eyes of citizens all over the globe. This is the day on which voters from the most powerful country

 in the world choose their next president for another four year period.

 The Democrats through the leadership of Barak Obama has achieved much over the past four years; some of his achievements include ending the war in Iraq (started by Republican Bush) and bringing home US troops; subduing Al Qaeda; creating jobs for the American people; starting Obama Care to ease the financial burden on poor families; brought Osama Bin Laden to justice for crimes against United States of American and other. These are achievements indeed.

Massachusetts: The Spirit of America

 The main concern here is that Obama has beaten Romney in his own home state. Romney has been Governor in Massachusetts since 2003 yet they have not elected him as their president. If a candidate cannot win the votes in his own state then the rest of the country should probable follow suit. The democrats also won the Senate seat, happy days are here.

First Lady Michelle Obama

 As the votes continue to be counted, let us watch and see.

Ladies in Waiting

Ann Romney style: According to Alfred Fiandaca, Mrs Romney likes to have Mitt consult on her outfit choices, is 'edgier' than people realise, and almost always buys her clothes directly off the rack

Ann Romney



Children in Waiting

Romney’s Boys

Obama’s Daughters

















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