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Obama Wins Mitt Romney in Massachusetts ~ Romney’s Own Backyard

Posted on: November 7, 2012

The US 2012 Election has proven to be a real drama for the watchful eyes of citizens all over the globe. This is the day on which voters from the most powerful country

 in the world choose their next president for another four year period.

 The Democrats through the leadership of Barak Obama has achieved much over the past four years; some of his achievements include ending the war in Iraq (started by Republican Bush) and bringing home US troops; subduing Al Qaeda; creating jobs for the American people; starting Obama Care to ease the financial burden on poor families; brought Osama Bin Laden to justice for crimes against United States of American and other. These are achievements indeed.

Massachusetts: The Spirit of America

 The main concern here is that Obama has beaten Romney in his own home state. Romney has been Governor in Massachusetts since 2003 yet they have not elected him as their president. If a candidate cannot win the votes in his own state then the rest of the country should probable follow suit. The democrats also won the Senate seat, happy days are here.

First Lady Michelle Obama

 As the votes continue to be counted, let us watch and see.

Ladies in Waiting

Ann Romney style: According to Alfred Fiandaca, Mrs Romney likes to have Mitt consult on her outfit choices, is 'edgier' than people realise, and almost always buys her clothes directly off the rack

Ann Romney



Children in Waiting

Romney’s Boys

Obama’s Daughters


















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