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David ‘Cut’ Cameron – Let’s change his middle name

Posted on: October 5, 2010

There is little doubt that in a time of economic turmoil and unpredictable future for most families up and down the country and globally, something needs to be done to counteract parasites of the welfare state. With the no-election of Conservative and Liberal parties, the public should have known that this was coming. The Conservatiive Party has not changed its ideals since that dreaded Thatcher and I believe that they will never do so. The Liberals on the other hand are a set of minimies that are only going along for the ride because the so-called leader gets his once in a ‘laugh time’ and only opportunity to become Deputy Pime Minister. They are totally useless at putting in place any of the ideals they had when they went to the poles without significant compromise. The Liberals have compromised their identities and every single vote that they received, they have given to the Conservative Party. This is a real blow for the many voters that thought they had the right to choose to vote for them. What a waste of votes.

David ‘Cut’ Cameron is a typical middle class with disposable income to spare. Less could be said for single parents up and down the country earning over £44,000 per year, with mortgages, nursery fees, among other expences and can’t get child benefit. The fact that a couple earning £43,000 each with a joint income of £86,000 could still get child benefit tells you that the Conservative Party favours the rich. There are people in this country that have always worked and to be quite honest, they enjoy working and taking care of their families but when David is going to deprive and penalies those people while his wealthy friends such as the owner of LBC and the obnoxious Nick Ferrari can sit and munch on Caviar and sip Chardonnay, it is just down right ridiculous. It is with tidings like these why I believe that David’s name should be changed from David William Donald Cameron to just David Cut Cameron.

I am glad I didn’t vote for them!!


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