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Josef Fritzl: Revolting! Yuk!!

Posted on: March 17, 2009

As I read the news this morning, my stomach churns with disgust!

Fretzl has imprisoned his own daughter and has sexually abused her for much of her lifetime. She was basically buried below their ‘home’ pretty much in inhumane conditions. This is treatment that I would not have tender to my worst enemies much more someone that is supposed to be my own flesh. What an animal?

My bone of contention now is what the social services and other government agencies in Austria have been doing that have enabled these disgraceful acts to take place. How could this child have disappeared without a trace? What happened to the good neighbours? Did they not see or hear anything?
I believe that one of the disadvantages of living in a developed country is that everyone mind their own business and take no notice of anyone. The community spirit has been totally lost. It is now me, myself and I.

Fretzl does not have a heart and should not have the right to life considering that he has taken that of his own daughter. Yet despite all this I am sure that some human rights campaigners will even demonstrate that this monster should be treated humanely! This is the reason that I believe in the death penalty. The only thing is that the death penalty would be too good for him. He should spend a life time treading on barb wires while in a little cell with a roof five feet flat with decomposing elephants. Then he will know what it is like to be tortured and yet this is still too decent a punishment for this old cretin.

His wife should have to answer questions as well! I think that the social services in Austria should be held responsible for failing to protect this innocent child. What about the education system? Was she not known to anyone? I am confused!

Help Help!!!


5 Responses to "Josef Fritzl: Revolting! Yuk!!"



ur nasty

That’s your blood you are a nasty man if i was the judge i will jail you for life!

This man is sick and I think that he should go to hell!

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