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Obama Rules!!!

Posted on: April 8, 2009

President Obama is a true vision of Martin Luther King’s dream!

Many years age when Martin stood up in public and prophesied that men will be going to the moon; by all means I could only imagine the jeering and humiliation that followed from the so called white supremacists. Yes it happened and we are still expecting more. Fortunately it has been visions like these that has propelled and continues to influence the thinking of scientists at NASA.

Today we are living ‘The Dream’. A black man is the most powerful man on the face of the earth. The ‘First Family’ is in Kenya. God bless America! One can’t help but wonder could there be a black Prime Minister in the UK? I don’t think so! Members of the BNP would probably become suicide bombers themselves.

Obama is the world’s President! I can’t express how swollen my head was during the inauguration ceremony. I felt as if a massive load has been lifted off my shoulders. It is his moment and he did shine!!

It has been frequently said why there weren’t any philosophers and astronomers of African decent but the simple answer was, they were oppressed and not given the opportunity to think for themselves, yet alone being allowed to read!!


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