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Flat Screen, Plasma, High DeF: TV Killing More and More Children

Posted on: March 21, 2009

We have reached the ultimate technological era where having an analogue television is almost as embarrassing as riding a donkey to work.

Since last year the number of children killed by TV has been rising steadily. These so called flat screens and plasmas do not have the same degree of stability and balance as the old fashion box in the corner. The flimsiness of these new expensive but deadly designs has enable their sides to fit into the hand a three year old child meaning that they can easily pull them over and unfortunately- in some known cases so far-on themselves.


I do believe that much more needs to be done in terms of stabilising these televisions be it gripping them to a base or harnessing them to the wall. We need to protect our children and the once loved and over used medium that parents relied on, be it as a tantrum remedy or an educating tool is not safe anymore.


Gone are the days when parents could put the TV on and then feel free to do all the daily chores without having to stop every ten minutes. Please note that I am not saying that television itself is a bad thing because I myself have based my entire university thesis on this instructional medium. Television educates, informs, and entertains among other beneficial qualities-if I may personify it. What I am saying is the manufacturers need to find some means of making them tumble free for the mere fact that when they topple, it is always an innocent child in front of it!!


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