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JADE: The Final Curtain

Posted on: March 16, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen the time has finally come when Jade is saying her goodbyes to her families, friends and well wishers. I hope that she has made things up with her God –whoever she perceives him to be- and will find rest in the after life.


During her brief life, I do believe that she has made her mark on the world however negative or positive it may have been. My ambition in life has always been ‘to walk with Kings and Queens and not lose touch with the common man’ Jade has done that and more. However loud, raucous, or whatever virago she may have been, there are people whose live she has touched in some way or the other.


It’s no doubt when she was on Big Brother; she was a popular housemate, the type that the British public spent most of their primetime watching. This I can assure is influence that cannot be undone. They eventually voted for her to come forth and gave her more publicity than the winner, so the Brits speak!! You have made Jade a Celebrity so now you need to enfold her and send her off in fine style.


I can’t express how much empathy I feel for the children; I know they have a dad however they are going to have to come to terms with the reality that whichever woman enters their life is not their mother- JADE!!





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