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Bernard Madoff: The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil

Posted on: March 15, 2009

Upon reading Yahoo news on the 13th of March 2009 regarding Madoff, all I could do was shake my head in disbelief. This is a case of swindling, embezzling and any other word that could define this bloke as a down right crook/culprit.


This is someone that society has trusted in such a way that he was even at the elm of the NASDAQ, and yet he has somehow found it within himself to carry out such unscrupulous act. Where does it all start or end? How can you take investors hard earned cash and turned it into a game or pyramid. It is a classic example of robbing Peter to pay Paul but the only difference was that he had too many Pauls to pay. People do not know how to eat in plenty and be satisfied. Everyone wants more and so does Madoff!!


Many people in the world do not believe in God or the words in the Bible however so much dishonesty has been highlighted and has come to pass over and over again.

In the bible it clearly states that the love of money is the root of all evil. Have we not seen this fulfilled in our eyes yet again.


Without a shadow of a doubt, this bloke was on a good salary and was he willing to content with it? No! He wanted more. I might be opening a can of worms when I say he deserves to be in jail and so does his greedy wife. He is not telling if she was in on it but my guess is that she probably talked him into it in the first place. She should be in the same cell with him for the mere fact that he was the head and she was the neck. I think that this is crystal clear. After all they are one flesh!


I hope that he takes the time in jail to examine himself and mull over all the discomfort that he has caused in the world. Life is so short and he has spent much of his creating bedlam and anarchy.


Greed will consume us all!!


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