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America’s Next Top Model: Tyra Banks et al

Posted on: March 15, 2009

America’s Next Top Model has started off on a negative note! Six has already been hurt at the audition and three has been arrested, not surprising!


Is there anyone out there who just watches the show to see who will have a go at each other, not bend their bodies properly, or fall off a fifteen inch high stiletto or just break into pieces on the phone with their friends and families? Long question however I am sure that the answers are out there somewhere!


It surprises me to see the extent to which these women are willing to go to get a taste of celebrity life. Now I could never sign a contract to have my hair cut shorter than it is or my body undergo numerous adaptations from early on in the competition and then I have to go home after hearing the words, ‘sorry, what happen?, come here, you’re a pretty girl, you will reach far, you just need to believe in yourself’. Tyra Banks certainly knows how to dress things up; after all she is an actress.


I must say though that sometimes she and her partners in crime on that panel do get it right. I must say that this has been the case where Carride has been selected over Melrose (what a witch she was?). Melrose reminded me of someone that has done some really good swatting for an exam and then passes. Throughout the competition she did not allow anyone to get to her but when crunch time came she made her move on poor Carride, so that she would lose focus and become a fragile wreck however the best person won.


All these girls are beautiful and truly deserve the best, that’s why I don’t enter competitions!


America’s Next Top Model is a good show but would be better without the two Js!!


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