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Do You Think Jack Tweed Marry Jade Goody Because she’s Dying?

Posted on: March 13, 2009

As I walked into work on the 12th of March I could not help but noticed a group of students standing near my office. As soon as I walked by one of them shouted out ‘miss did you watch Jade’s wedding last night? It was sad! You could tell that Jack did not want to marry her, despite everything that was going on, he showed absolutely no emotion. I think that he is married her for the money that she will be leaving for the children’. ‘And miss the Priest did something over their heads as if he was blowing out candles’. You don’t want to know what came to my mind.


Jade in no uncertain terms has made a host of enemies in the world but whether you love her or hate her, I do believe that she has always been a very naïve soul. Big Brother has created her, and I am yet to see a decent contestant enter that house and is not ruined. After all it did make a cat out of George Galloway!


Jade needed help! The same tabloids that put her on cloud nine were the same one that debase here lower than ground zero. How about this Jack? Do you think he would have married Jade if he knew that she would be around for a lifetime looking the way that she is right now? I wouldn’t hold my breath!


I wish Jade all the best and most of all I feel real sympathy for her children. I believe it is very unfortunate to lose a parent especially a mother at such a tender age.


May God be with her!! Cancer is a killer that only God can heal!!




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